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What is it?
Metalcraft is the essential range of equipment for crafting metal, for pleasure or profit.

Proudly manufactured in Yorkshire England since 1950.
Don't be fooled by imitations.

You don't need the skills of a metalworker, blacksmith or a welder to use the equipment.

It is incredibly easy and fun to use, so making it possible for beginners and professional alike to achieve really impressive results. Because it does not require heat or power, it is also remarkably safe.

Parts and Service Available
As you will see when you look through this site Metalcraft is unique. Because it is a complete package of tools, materials and accessories, it is easy to work with metal to make functional and ornamental metalwork to the highest quality.

Additionally, we supply a large range of attractive accessories that can be bought independently. These are for home, garden and commercial uses or to adorn your finished Metalcraft projects.

Our extensive selection of equipment is suitable for a very diverse range of applications, but, what is important, is we offer a complete back up and guidance on how to use and get more from Metalcraft equipment.

Metalcraft Tools Metalcraft Tools Metalcraft Tools
Metalcraft is many things to many people and is highly rewarding in more ways than one.

Metalcraft   the essential range of equipment for crafting metal  
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