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Metalcraft Punch & Shear Tools

Dual Function hand operated tools for cutting and punching holes in metal bars.

Available in both the Practical and Master versions, these robust machines are the work horses of the Metalcraft range of tools. Cleverly, combining a hole punching facility with a guillotine for cutting mild steel strip, square bar and wire to length, they are an extremely capable workshop tool fir use in any DIY, training or production environment.

The hole punching capability can be used to punch screw-fixing holes in strip metal frameworks and also complements the riveting feature in the Metalcraft range of riveting/bending/rolling tools by providing the hole to locate the rivet. The punch is carried out by a replaceable punch block and pin which is specially machined and hardened for the task.

Because both machines are portable and require no electrical power, they are well suited to "on-site" work.

Metalcraft Tools - Metalcraft Punch & Shear Tools
Metalcraft Tools - Metalcraft Punch & Shear Tools Metalcraft Tools - Metalcraft Punch & Shear Tools
Practical Punch/Shear Tool
Master Punch/Shear Tool
c/w All Punch Pins & Blocks

Metalcraft Tools - Metalcraft Punch & Shear Tools
  • Easy to operate

  • Rugged cam lever action which punches and cuts.
  1. Punching is achieved by placing metal strip in the slotted punch block. Platform is adjustable to allow for accurate positioning.

  2. To shear, material is placed in gap between small fixed shear blade and large lever operated shear blade. Operate lever to shear.
Metalcraft Tools - Metalcraft Punch & Shear Tools

Measuring Bar
This feature enables you to set repeatable cutting lengths or hole punch positions (from end of bars or from other holes)

Punch / Shear Tool

Shearing: 20mm x 3mm (flat strip), 5mm (square bar), 5mm (round bar/wire)

Punching: 3mm diameter hole in up to 3mm thick material
50W x 175D x 130H x 340 handle length.

Boxed weight 2.0Kg
Adjustable punch platform.

4 available cutting edges on small shear blade
Punch / Shear Tool with 5, 3 and 6mm punch blocks & pins

Shearing: 25mm x 5mm (flat strip), 6mm (square bar), 6mm (round bar/wire)

Punching: Complete with 3/5 and 6 interchangeable block/pins
5mm Dia hole in up to 5 thick material
3mm Dia hole in up to 3 thick material
6mm Dia hole in up to 3 thick material
(N.B 5mm Block & Pins is pre-fitted on all Master P & S tools)
60W x 285D x 155H x 450 handle length.

Boxed weight 7.5Kg
Adjustable punch platform.

Double acting push/pull lever.

2 available cutting edges on small shear blades.

Measuring bar attachment.

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