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Metalcraft Twisters

Add that subtle and consistent twist to your ornamental wrought iron work with one of our Twisting tools from the Practical or Master range.

Practical Twister

A compact tool for twisting flat and square metal for decorative and structural projects.

This is a popular addition to our Master Workshop as it speeds up the process of twisting smaller flat steel sizes when using the adaptor shown below.
Metalcraft Tools - Practical Twister

Practical Twister Adaptor
(Comes standard when sold in Australia)

This special Boss and Slide Unit can be fitted to the Practical Twister in place of the standard collar to allow rapid twisting - a feature of particular importance if having to make repeated twists. The slotted collar also allows twists to be inserted in a length of flat strip which has scrolls already formed at each end.
Metalcraft Tools - Practical Twister Adaptor

Master Twister

A larger tool which is capable of working larger metal sizes.

This can make components for large jobs like gates, fences and furniture.

Results are quick and easy to repeat since the metal is not heated.
Metalcraft Tools - Master Twister

- Easy-to-use
- No pre-heating of metal required when twisting

1. To use, set length of the twist by simply clamping the sections of bar to be twisted in the twister's collar and the other end in the free moving slide.

2. Twist handles as required and then unclamp the bar from the collar and slide.

Metalcraft Tools - MC028X
Metalcraft Tools - MC027

Practical Twister

20mm x 3mm (flat strip)
8mm (square bar)
Min 80mm
Max 980mm
100 W x 1070 D x 90 H x 280 Handle length

Boxed weight: 3.9kg
Practical twister adaptor (comes standard when sold in Australia)
Master Twister

25mm x 10mm (flat strip)
16mm (square bar)
Min 45mm
Max 980mm
140 W x 1090 D x 140 H x 740 Handle length

Boxed weight: 16.3kg
Ornamental basket making attachment (optional extra)
*Longer twists can be achieved with care by moving twisted section through the machine and then twisting the next section..
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